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About QRRI, Inc.
QRRI, Inc. manufactures and distributes rubber products for the equine and ag-retail industries. Founded in 1987, the
company is a female and minority owned small U.S business enterprise. Our corporate offices are located in Sandy
Springs, GA, and products are inventoried in warehouses across the country.
QRRI specializes in using recycled rubber. Our unique compounding and manufacturing processes have been designed
to meet virtually any customer need. QRRI delivers a niche service experience by providing customers with a complete
solution for developing, manufacturing, and marketing rubber products.
Some of the markets serviced:
• Equine Industry: Equine and specialty retailers
• Agriculture Industry: Farm & ranch retailers and wholesalers, tack & supply retailers and equine distributors
• Retail: Including home centers, specialty stores, and general merchandise
• Transportation Industry: OEM manufacturers of specialty trailers and agriculture related vehicles
• Wholesalers: Including equine tack & supply distributors and farm & ranch distributors
Our philosophy is to build partnerships with our customers while providing top quality products at very competitive
prices. QRRI supports that philosophy by maintaining overhead at the lowest possible level. By combining marketing and
manufacturing, we aim to create a high level of trust and confidence for our customers.
The desire to exceed our customers' expectations at all levels makes our marketing approach extremely successful. This
approach includes excellent quality control, full testing and research capabilities, and on-time delivery performance.
Warehouse Locations
QRRI, Inc.
888.313.3464 ••• qrri.com
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