Anti-Vibration Pads



TECHNOFLEX Anti-Vibration Pads are ideal for a variety of residential and commercial use. They effectively reduce noise and vibration caused by generators, washers, dryers, compressors, and portable machinery. These anti-vibration pads have strong non-skid properties, making them ideal for stabilizing equipment and preventing movement. Pads are made from 100% recycled tires, absorb shock, and have high resistance to compression.


  • Reduces Vibration
  • Reduces Noise
  • Compression Resistant
  • Absorbs Shock

Anti-Vibration Pads

Item ID Size Weight
TF-AV2.5x1/4-RD-4PK24BOX 2.5" x 1/2" 6 lbs
TF-AV4X1/2-RD-4PK12BOX 4.0" x 1/2" 12 lbs
TF-AV4X1/2-SQ-4PK12BOX 4.0" x 1/2" 15 lbs
TF-AV5X1/2-RD-4PK12BOX 5.0" x 1/2" 21 lbs
TF-AV5X1/2-SQ-4PK12BOX 5.0" x 1/2" 24 lbs
TF-AVDISPLAYBOX 19" x 21" x 37" 225 lbs